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February 8, 2017

District 11

IAMAW Comment

Federal aid to Bombardier

The IAMAW, union representing the workers of Bombardier in the greater Montreal area, says it is satisfied with the loan of 372,5 million for the C-Series and the Global 7000.

The loan of 372,5 million over 4 years for research and development (2/3 global 7000 and 1/3 C - Series) is received as a vote of confidence in Bombardier and it's workers.

"Investement in aerospace is a central element in the development of the industry throughout the world. It is impossible to compete in this sector without government help. Companies such as Boeing and Airbus have taken off through partnerships with governments and countries such as the Russia and China are investing heavily in the development of this sector. We welcome and are very happy with the assistance from Ottawa", explains the Coordinator of the IAMAW David Chartrand.

We hope that this announcement will also include job protection measures in order to prevent the relocation of work, at least for the duration of the loan. For the moment, we have no indication that this is the case.

"Finally, we will continue to work for the establishment of a pan-Canadian  aerospace policy which would structure the assistance to the industry and would avoid constant negociations, like the one we have witnessed in the last year between Ottawa and Bombardier", concludes Mr. Chartrand