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April 3, 2017

District 11

IAMAW comments on Alain Bellemare's comments

The IAMAW welcomes the openness and flexibility in the readjustment of salary increases for Bombardier senior executives.

"We can only welcome the initiative. It shows that the people of Quebec can have an influence when they mobilize. Whether this is enough as an approach, I can not speak for the citizens of Quebec, but for our part this proof of openness is reassuring even if the wage increases remain in time. At the same time, Bombardier should not hide the reality of compensation given out to senior executives in large companies. In this country, a business owner receives an average of 193 times the average wage of $ 49,510. From the first days of the year, leaders exceed the annual salary of the vast majority of workers in their factories. We must fight for a better distribution of wealth and this story is another example that demonstrates the magnitude of the problem and the importance of union struggles", explains the IAMAW Quebec coordinator David Chartrand.

We must also remember the role of the government in the matter, which did not take care to include specific clauses when it took the decision to help Bombardier.

"We should have seen elements that required guaranteed employment and guarantees that this money was not going to be used for anything other than advancing Bombardier's operations in Quebec. Offshoring is an economic bullet that hurts our workers, our economy and our industry. Bombardier did not spare us with relocation. It would have been interesting to see the Government of Quebec being proactive on this issue when it negotiated its agreement with Bombardier. Once this storm behind us, we must now fall into solution mode to avoid this kind of situation do not happen anywhere. In this regard, we will appeal to our elected representatives in favor of the implementation of a vast industrial policy in which, among other things, there would be a section devoted to aerospace. In this policy we could set clear and transparent guidelines to better regulate corporate financing and avoid agreements negotiated entirely on a case-by-case basis", said the IAMAW representative.

Finally, the union pays particular attention to statements made to the media by Alain Bellemare, the CEO of Bombardier.

"Alain Bellemare said in an interview this morning in various media outlets that his compensation and that of other senior executives were dependent on the company's performance. He added that if the results of Bombardier were there, the workers of the company would benefit, that jobs would be created here and that the benefits would benefit all of Quebec. We are pleased to see that Mr. Bellemare and the management of Bombardier intend to reward all players for the success of the company if the results are there. We take note of this statement", concluded Mr. Chartrand.