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September 14, 2017

District 11

We are Aerospace!

Boeing will not bully us and make us lose our jobs

Montreal, September 13, 2017-

Nearly 700 aerospace workers paraded on the streets of Montreal at the request of the Machinists ' Union (IAMAW) and Unifor to remind Quebeckers that Boeing's behaviour is a threat to the livelihood of thousands of Quebec workers. Both provincial and federal officials participated in the march as a sign of support.  Among them, we found Alexandre Boulerice (New Democratic Party), Gabriel Sainte-Marie (Bloc Québécois), Gabriel Nadeau Dubois (Quebec Solidarity) and Alain Therrien (Parti Québécois). It should also be noted that the Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation of Quebec, Dominique Alglade, posted her support to workers in the Quebec aerospace industry.

Despite the fact that the legal battle between Boeing and Bombardier is at the highest level of managment for these two giant companies, the consequences of this confrontation are likely to affect workers and their families mostly. What Boeing is doing is an example of improper use of commercial arbitration courts. We will not remain silent in this practice which does not take into account the damage they can cause to the workers and their families. "We will continue our fight to protect our working conditions and jobs by denouncing this kind of practice, regardless of who will be the initiator," says IAMAW's Quebec coordinator, David Chartrand.

In addition to threatening good jobs, this belligerent behaviour that is being hung from several multinationals is a danger to part of the North American aerospace supply chain and even beyond. The result of this lawsuit could not only harm Quebec and Canada, but also Europe and the United States "by filing this complaint with the U.S. Department of Commerce Boeing not only puts jobs in Quebec in jeopordy, but also in their own country of the United States", explains Chartrand. "Boeing uses the courts by filing unsubstantiated complaints with the objective of blocking the sales of an aircraft that it does not have in its catalog. It is the most technologically advanced of its generation. "In wanting to block the access to the United States (the world's largest aerospace market) of the C-series, Boeing does not seem to realize that it would indirectly prevent thousands of Quebeckers from doing their jobs", claims the representative of the IAMAW.

It is becoming urgent that this legal battle between two companies ceases to create uncertainty among aerospace workers. The latest 20-year market forecasts (2017-2036) are excellent for the C-series segment (60 to 150 seats). In fact, the provision is expected to be 12 550 aircraft for a total value of US $820 billion, according to the catalogue prices 2017. For the entire commercial aircraft sector, the demand for the next 20 years would be 40 000 aircraft. "With the number of planes needed for the worldwide market, instead of fighting and filing commercial complaints, large companies should rather invest in the workforce as well as in the protection and creation of good jobs in the areas where they are located, "concludes Mr. Chartrand.

The IAMAW is the largest trade union in the Canadian aerospace sector, with more than 6 000 members employed by Bombardier in its factories in Montreal and surrounding areas. The IAMAW also holds the largest representation at Boeing with more than 31 000 members and has more than 700 000 members in North America. Which makes them the most important aerospace trade union in the world.