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October 17, 2017

District 11

Québec, Bombardier and Airbus associate around the C Series

Statement by the Machinists Union and its Québec coordinator, David Chartrand

The Machinists Union shall pursue its work to retain a maximum number of jobs in Québec, defend the workers and the aerospace industry.

“Although we must remain vigilant, we receive this important news with optimism seeing as it consolidates the future of the C Series,” points out David Chartrand, Québec coordinator of the Machinists Union. “As a union representative, to see the Québec government, Bombardier and Airbus associate allows me to continue to advocate on behalf of the workers and share some of their preoccupations with all Quebeckers.

That being said, the finest aircraft to have been developed in the past 30 years is now affiliated with a major global aircraft manufacturer. A major player therefore enters Québec’s aerospace cluster, and we intend to do our part to make sure that it benefits the whole of Québec’s workforce and economy. Our goal remains to preserve our members’ jobs and working conditions and we have just secured the 2,000 current C Series jobs until 2041. I am therefore optimistic for the future, but there still remains a lot of issues to settle and we shall leave nothing to chance. We shall continue to represent our union’s members and review every detail of this new partnership with Airbus.

Airbus’ objective is to establish a solid presence in North America. With the addition of operations in Québec, the European manufacturer shall benefit from one of the most highly skilled and innovative workforces on the planet. And relations between Airbus and airline companies throughout the world open up new opportunities for our aerospace cluster.

However, the battle waged by the C Series to enter the American market is not over. We believe that it remains important to fight back protectionism and develop trade dispute settlement mechanisms that are better adapted to today’s economic reality. In the meantime, the partnership with Airbus makes us strong enough to weather the storm, keep a number of jobs in Québec and maintain the cohesion of our aerospace cluster,” concludes David Chartrand.