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December 18, 2017

District 11

Press Release

An important week ahead for the aerospace industry and it's future

Montreal, December 18, 2017-The Machinists' (IAMAW) union will carefully follow what is going to happen today and tomorrow in Washington in the case of Boeing's complaint against Bombardier. This complaint entails Canada, the United States and Europe in a trade war between multinationals in the aerospace sector.

"With eveything happeneing for the aerospace sector, we cannot afford to start the year 2018 in a commercial war. It is necessary to find a more intelligent and less partisan way of settling this dispute, because this situation will sooner or later put pressure on the working conditions and the security of employment of tens of thousands of workers in Canada, the United States and Europe", deplores the Quebec coordinator of the Machinists' Union, David Chartrand. "Whether it is the Bombardier workers in Montreal, Belfast or Wichita or Boeing in Winnipeg, Seattle or Saint-Louis, none of them have any advantage in seeing this situation continue. That is why our organization does not intend to give up. We are currently evaluating the various actions to be taken, the alliances to be made and the avenues of solutions to be proposed in order to ensure the defence of these workers".

Although a reversal of the situation would be a big surprise, the machinists' union will follow with great interest the conclusion of the final phase of the U.S. Department of Commerce investigation. Please note that the spokesperson for our Organization, the Quebec coordinator of the Machinists' Union, David Chartrand will be available this week to comment on the situation. For your requests for interviews or information, please contact Guillaume Valois at (514)-966-0915, or at

Back to important dates:

April 27: Filing of Boeing's complaint against Bombardier before the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC).

September 26 : DOC's preliminary decision on the imposition of 220% countervailing duty on the sale of C-Series in the United States.

October 6: DOC's preliminary decision on the imposition of an anti-dumping charge of 79.82% on the sale of C-Series in the United States.

October 16: Airbus takes part in the C-Series.

Coming soon:

December 18: Beginning of the final phase of the investigation. The United States International Trade Commission (ITC) will hear the arguments of the parties at a hearing with an estimated schedule of 8:45 A.M. to 5:15 P.M.

December 19: Final decision of the DOC on countervailing duties and on the anti-dumping duty.

December 27: Deadline for the filing of post-hearing documents by the survey participants. It should be noted that anyone with relevant information related to the complaint may submit a written statement until that date, even if it did not testify before the board. Statements of support or opposition to the complaint may also be filed until that date.

January 19 2018: The Commission will make available to the parties all the information on which they have not had the opportunity to comment.

January 23 2018: Deadlines where Parties may submit comments on the information made available on 19 January. However, the Commission's rules require that these comments do not contain new factual information.

February 1, 2018: Decision of the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) which will determine whether Boeing has suffered damage following the sale of C-Series in the United States. (conditional on a judgment of DOC favourable to the imposition of countervailing duties and an anti-dumping duty.)

February 8, 2018: Tariff implementation (conditional to a judgment of the ITC concluding that Boeing suffered injury.)

Contracts for Boeing that are in connection with its complaint to the DOC

  • Purchase of 100 Planes by Delta (option on 100 additional devices): between 19.3 and 32.6 billion
  • 18 Super Hornets in temporary replacement of Canadian CF-18s: between 5 and 6 billion
  • 88 fighter jets for Canada: between 15 and 19 billion
  • Total estimated values in Canadian dollar of contracts in function of amounts made public: between 39.3 and 57 billion

The Machinists ' Union (IAMAW) represents approximately 650 000 members across North America. With its 150 000 members in the air and aerospace industry (16 000 in Canada), IAMAW is the world's largest aerospace trade union. In Quebec, the Union has 15 000 members and more than 50 000 members in Canada.