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Dignity and respect lacking in your work environment ? Why not join a union?


It is a fundamental right in Quebec... Provisioned in the Labour Code.

Would you like to?

  • Secure Your Job
  • Protect your seniority
  • Improve your working conditions: pay, rest periods, holidays, annual vacation
  • Improve the benefits of your future and that of your family
  • Negotiate a retirement fund for your future and that of your family
  • Be treated with respect and dignity as a worker
  • Be legally represented and defended against injustice and abuse

If your answer is "YES" to any or all of these questions, we are here to help you achieve it!

In summary, to join a union is to unite our efforts and our voices to be heard, to be respected and to negotiate as equals with the employer. It also puts an end to favoritism and arbitrary decisions. Joining a union improves quality of life and that of those we love.

Joining a union is not expensive and it pays!

Unionized workers earn on average 30% more than non-unionized workers in Quebec. Union dues are fully tax deductible.

Can the employer threaten or intimidate employees?

The Labour Code, prohibits employers from using intimidation, threat or reprisal against any employee for union activity. Forming a union and trying to organize is a right.


The Labour Code states that signing a membership card and membership in a union is strictly confidential for everyone, including the employer.

Maintaining working conditions.

From the date of the application for certification with the Ministry of Labour, the employer must maintain and not modify any working conditions in force.

  • It's easy to become a member. It's safe and it's confidential
  • Just sign a duly dated membership application and personally pay the sum of $ 2.00, required by law. 

To sign your membership card or obtain additional information, contact us in confidence.



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