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March 5, 2018

Local 712

Bombardier Aerospace and C-Series Partnership with Airbus

Bombardier workers vote for on bridge agreement

(Montreal, March 4, 2018) - The Machinists who were present at the special meeting supported 92.3% of the reciprocal agreement proposed to them. About 3,000 out of 4,400 members were present.   The content of this agreement will now be added to the Bombardier Aerospace Collective Bargaining  Agreement. It will allow bridges for the workers between both companies when the C-Series/Airbus partnership will officially see the light of day. The union also obtained the automatic renewal of this agreement for the duration of future contracts between the two companies.  

"In recent years, Bombardier Aerospace workers' courage and strength of character have been severely challenged by situations beyond our control. This addition to the CBA will provide certain guarantees that will allow them to make a more pleasant transition to what will become their new reality", said the Quebec coordinator of the Machinists Union, David Chartrand.  

Unless otherwise directed by the Competition Bureau, C-Series will soon become a full-fledged company. This eventuality represented a form of ultimatum in the negotiation of the agreement.  

"We had to act before the Labor Code applied and we found ourselves in a dynamic where we would have two companies with two separate CBA's. We had a small window in which to negotiate the bridges between the two companies that would have been impossible to do after the separation, "says Machinists' Union Business Representative Éric Rancourt.  

During this meeting, which lasted about three hours, the workers were able to receive detailed information of the agreement and its impact. Members who wished to do so were then able to comment on the content of the agreement and ask questions to clarify certain points. "These kinds of meetings are the heart of union establishments. They are an opportunity to talk to each other about the future of our working conditions, our jobs and the aerospace industry. With regard to our meeting today, I can tell you that it sets the tone for the next round of negotiations", concluded Local 712 President Yvon Paiement.