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April 16, 2018

District 11

An international trade union alliance sees the day in aerospace sector

Good news for our organization

The delegation of the Machinists Union (IAMAW) had a positive visit to France. The meetings held with the major French unions are the beginning of a vast international alliance between the aerospace Unions of Europe and North America.

"Despite the fact that our unions are evolving in different environments, we have found that we have a lot of issues in common and that cooperation between our unions has become essential to the pursuit of our demands," explains the Quebec coordinator of the Machinists ' Union, David Chartrand. "The communications channels are now open. This alliance currently includes unions from the two largest aerospace sectors in the world with Montreal and Toulouse, which has never been seen before.

The period of industry transformation and the strong rivalry between the major aircraft manufacturers raises many concerns among trade unions on both continents.
"All companies develop partnerships and strategies at the international level. Governments sign international agreements to facilitate and encourage this momentum", says the Quebec coordinator of IAMAW. "A reshuffling of the maps is underway, the multinational companies are organizing to meet the high demand of air carriers. With what is being played at the international level, we have agreed that there is an urgent need to unite our knowledge and forces", says M.Chartrand.

In addition to Mr. Chartrand, the Machinists' union delegation consisted of the Director of District 11 Pierre Grenier, and Business Representative Éric Rancourt. The meetings were held in the headquarters of the CGT, the CFDT and the FO. This first stage allowed the Machinists' union to approach business strategies with its French counterparts. Discussions focused on the practices of Airbus, Stelia Aerospace, Safran, Thales, Latécoère, ATR, Bombardier and Boeing. The case of the presence of Airbus and the C-series Limited partnership in Mobile Alabama was also part of the exchanges. "With the information we have exchanged, we will already be able to better see things coming and to better adapt," concludes Mr. Chartrand.