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May 3, 2018

District 11

Show of solidarity

The IAMAW stands beside the workers of ABI

The members of the IAMAW have demonstrated union solidarity and generosity towards their brothers and sisters from the USW of the Bécancour aluminium smelter who have been locked out since January 11.

On behalf of the Québec Machinists' Council, which brings together all the members of the IAMAW in Quebec, a cheque for $20 000 was given to USW local 9700. For the occasion, about fifteen representatives of the machinists went to the picket lines to show their solidarity. The financial assistance provided will contribute to workers in their fight against their employer who still refuses to bargain in good faith.

"Our gesture is a message of solidarity that we transmit on behalf of all the members of our Organization. The struggle that these workers lead to protect their assets is a source of inspiration. By refusing to bargain in good faith, their employer takes hostage the employees along with the citizens and the economy of a whole region. True to union values, the USW have always been at our side in each of our struggles. Today, it is our turn to give them our support", explained the Quebec coordinator of the IAMAW, David Chartrand.