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May 8, 2018

District 11

Support for SME

National policy needed for aerospace industry

The evolution of the aerospace industry leads the big companies to fragment more and more various activities related to the construction of an aircraft. That is why SMEs have become an essential part of this industry.

However, in order to survive, SMEs need to reach the critical mass needed to get more contracts, especially on the international scene. Today, Aéro Montréal is tackling this problem with the l’Accélérateur 360°, which is supported by a 5 million dollar investment by the Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation.

"Often an SME of 15 to 30 workers does not have the means to bid on certain contracts of major manufacturers even if its work is of exceptional quality. On the other hand, the result is likely to change completely if SMEs are given the means to get together and develop the logistics needed to build contracts around the world. In addition to radiating our aerospace expertise, l’Accélérateur 360° is the kind of initiative that will enable us to advance our working conditions and secure our jobs", says the Quebec Coordinator IAMAW, David Chartrand, who also sits on the board of Directors of Aéro Montréal as representative of industry employees.  

In 2015, our union had also pointed out this issue to the Quebec government during the consultations on the Quebec aerospace strategy. It was then recommended to the Quebec government to assist SMEs so that they could bid through a single intermediary to complete the contract of given out by a large manufacturer.