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August 31, 2018

Local 1758

Bombardier sells parts of its manufacturing

Comment of the Machinists' Union (IAMAW) on the acquisition of the Bombardier Tube Centre by the Lauak group

By purchasing Bombardier's piping operations, the French Lauak group took its first steps in North America. For the Machinists' Union (IAMAW), this situation represents an opportunity to secure jobs and see the activities of the Mirabel site expand. Lauak's choice to establish itself in Quebec, to access the North American continent, is a sign of confidence in the quality of the work and the know-how of the workers at the Tubing Center and our aerospace expertise.

"Lauak is a world leader in aerospace pipelines. Lauak intends to use its new plant to diversify its clientele in North America while the group already has two of its customers in Mirabel with Airbus and Stelia and is talking about hiring workers. We can only see this in a positive way", explains the Quebec coordinator of the Machinists' Union, David Chartrand.

Bombardier had acquired the Mirabel Tube Centre in 2008 at the time GE Elano had decided to cease operations at Mirabel. The objective was to secure the supply of aeronautical tubes for its factories in Quebec.

The LAUAK group of clients includes Airbus, Dassault Aviation, Embraer, Airbus Helicopters and IAI, Stelia, Daher, Liebherr and Safran. The group operates five factories in France and one in Portugal. The acquisition of the Mirabel site therefore carries its total number of plants to seven. The machinists' union has about sixty members on the site of the Tube center.

The Machinists union is the world's largest aerospace union with over 184 000 members spread over 1 000 collective agreements.