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October 31, 2019

Local 922

New collective agreement at Dettson Industries

On October 3rd, 90% of the 57 Machinists' Union members, at Dettson Industries, voted in favor of their new contract.

"The members on the bargaining committee, Jean-Marc Groulx, François Niquette and Gaétan Jetté have done a remarkable job," says Éric Rancourt, Business Representatives at District 11 who are responsible of Dettson Industries unit. Their sisters and brothers had given them the mandate to obtain earnings and they delivered. "

Some highlights of the new contract
• Salary increase over three years: 3% for the first year and 2.25% for the two following years.
• The departments in the workplace will no longer be part of the criteria to be considered in the event of layoff. From now on, only seniority by profession will be taken into account.
• Increase in the employer's contribution to the Fonds de solidarité FTQ. For every dollar contributed by a worker  in the Solidarity Fund, the employer will also contribute a dollar. This contribution equivalency system applies automatically until the employer's payments reach the maximum amount entered in the employment contract. Increasing by $ 25 per year, this amount is $ 675 for the first year, $ 700 for the second year and $ 725 for the last year of the contract.
• Change to group insurance: the contribution for individual coverage members is $ 75 while for family coverage members is $ 119. The employer also agrees to assume the annual increase in the cost of the group insurance coverage up to 3%.
Finally, the new contract of the group of Machinists in the Dettson Industries unit, contains only gains for workers.


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