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WE ALL STAND PROUD to defend our collective interests

Last October, we launched the "WE ALL STAND PROUD" campaign with the aim of bringing citizens together to defend the workers in the aerospace industry in Quebec.

Quebec workers have been leaders in aerospace for more than a century. For generations, many people from  earn their living in this industry. Regardless of the employer and the challenges facing us, we will have to remain united and guard the 40 000 aerospace workers in Quebec.


Negotiating our working conditions is a fundamental right that gives you the means to:

• Improve your living conditions
• Working in an atmosphere of justice at work
• Create a safe and respectful work space for your and your collegues;
• A dignified retirement;
• To see your experience, training and skills recognized;
• To take advantage of a full time team that will ensure the respect and improvement of your working conditions.
• To take advantage of the same professional ressources as your employer to adequately defend your working conditions
• And much more..
With the Machinists', you give yourself the right to fly in SOLIDARITY CLASS for the modest sum of $2.00.
Joining a union is easy, intelligent, paying, and secure approach, protected by the Labor Code. It's confidential too.
If you have taken the time to consult this text until this point, we assume that your working conditions are probably not up to par and you need an organization like the Machinists ' union to solve your problems.
What are you waiting for? Take matters into your own hands, act and become the one by whom the change will come. We can help you.
Communicating with us will give you a clear picture of your situation and will not commit you to anything.

You can reach us at: or 1-844-914-0317